5 Signs You NEED an E-Marketing Strategy

1. targetHow can you hit a target if you can’t see it? Clearly defined goals are necessary if you want to track your progress.Few things are as frustrating as playing a game with no rules, boundaries or goals.  Who wins if you don’t know what the objective is?  Far too often, web companies (especially small businesses) take up the task of moving their business online with no real goals to speak of, and get frustrated when things don’t take off like the best thing since sliced bread.  Even setting small goals such as growing your number of customers regardless of sales, or growing your e-mail list a certain percentage every month with help move things forward.  Create and use surveys to gain valuable insight on your progress, and query social media to get a clearer picture of what direction you should focus your marketing. 2. You have built a great website but customers have not seemed to notice.This is the classic “If you build it, they will come” thinking from Field of Dreams  where you have built a destination and expect the internet to respond to all your hard work.  When reality set in, you will begin to realize that your hard work has really jus begun!  Search engines do not automatically like your site, they have to be coerced to looking at you.  When they do look, you need to show them that you have relevant content (not just pictures) and that other websites like you with back-links.  You don’t think your website has anything to do with social media?  Well, right now search engines think that social media reinforces your business credibility on the web – so you better fire up those twitter and facebook accounts and hire a blog writer! 3. You do not realize the impact that blogs & social media posts have on your overall search engine ranking.Nice transition, eh? Social Media has redefined the interwebs and the search engines have taken notice, big time.  Do your facebook posts and twits that talk about your business help website rank higher on google and bing? You bet your bananas it does!  Is this a permanent thing? Don’t count on it… but the one thing you can count on is that things will be changing, and your best plan is to have a strong relationship with a web marketing company that has successfully navigated the shifting trends in… well, web marketing!  4. Your e-mail, social channels and blog posts are not synchronized. This seems like one of those things that should be a “given” but you have no idea how common this is.  By strategizing your content, post schedule, specials and promotions, you are bringing a canon to the proverbial knife fight.  Disjointed marketing produces disjointed results.  Self-hosted WordPress should without exception be your blog platform, and there are a few very well written plugins that will allow your posts to synchronize across your social media feeds.  Do you have a Pinterest account? How about YouTube, Foursquare, Google Plus, Tumblr and Instagram? Put your search engine skills to the test and find ways to make these relevant to your business – and at the very least, link your synchronized content! 5. You have spent money, disjointedly on pieces of what seemed to be an e-marketing strategy with less-than-desirable results.It seems like the next be thing in telemarketing is companies touting SEO experts. If you think about it, however, it’s sort of like the Honda parts salesmen who tries to sell you car parts but who has no idea what car you drive! There can be things worse than having no e-marketing strategy at all, and at the top of that list is a half-baked and ill-concieved e-marketing strategy that only focusses on a single facet of e-marketing. This is about as wise as putting brand new rims on a car that doesn’t work! Talk to your web strategy team and be willing to toss out your preconceived ideas of what “used” to work for e-strategy

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